Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Come Away with Me

I've got the "I wanna go somewhere" bad....
"Come Away with Me"

again...come away with me...

Come away with me....
I wanna be entwined in the moment....
but for now....back to B'ham!
For a sweet Halloween week with my sweet little one (and uh, yes that's me)
My real treat though???
Mom is continuing to do better!
Thank you her prayer warriors!


  1. Kendall,
    Beautiful pics have me dreaming of going somewhere, too! In fact, I'm going with 5 of my girlfriends on on trip this summer in celebration of our 40th bdays. Where was your girl trip in these pictures?
    Ann Pack

  2. I don't think it counts when you say "Come Away With Me" and post pictures from your back door :).

  3. haha!! very funny J!!! That's meant to "come away with me to visit ME here at the lake too!" Ann, the girl trip was in Bimini!!! We had so much fun. You will too!

  4. So glad your mom is doing better. Still praying for her. These pictures are beautiful.

  5. What gorgeous images! Love the shot of you and your friends by the infinity pool. Although, this is a great time of year to be close to home, sharing in the festivities with kids and grandkids. Glad to hear your mom is doing better - I know how trying those ups and downs can be with one's mom. :)