Sunday, October 17, 2010

Handbags (like I promised a couple of days ago)

I knew I'd get back to talking about my favorite little babies eventually.
I'm home and just loving it.  I got some BIG surprises this weekend!
Gregory and Amy came, Jordan and Eric (and Evey and Bennett) came and to top it off my ultra sweet mother and father in law came!  I'm one of those lucky ones that have WONDERFUL in-laws.
So, you know I get up really early and I'm sitting here and my house looks like a truck ran through it.  As a matter of fact, I just counted 11 pairs of shoes in my den. Yes, I said "11".
And ya know what?  The normal anal me doesn't even care!
I did however have to line them up for all to see.....
I'm happy.
Even though I'm missing my youngest hoo. I MISS YOU CALLEN!!!

Back to handbags.. I'm internet shopping...again.  I only want one because I'm lovin the one I sold my soul for bought last year.  But I just thought I'd show you some that I like! still my heart.  I REALLY, REALLY, love this.
(but just for REALLY special occasions.)  W, ARE U READING?????
I think it's Valentino.  Enough said (from Neimans)...and I think I'd have to sell more than my soul for this one....hum.
 isn't it just beautiful????
and while I'm at it....
let me pop this in as well....sorry handbags, your gonna have to share this blog with a boot and by the  way.......dang,,,,Neimans site won't let me download a big, clear pic.  just use your imagination....I LOVE these boots!!!
and I love this.
this is a sassy little rain bag from Burberry.....cute huh?
 pretty good imitation of a Chanel... For a fourth of the price.  This is Neimans also.
 and in dark gold
 love this, but I've gotta have a longer strap
 Okay, now let me just tell you.....this is the BEST HANDBAG EVER.  Period.
I have it in two colors.  One, my sweet friend Debbie gave me and then I had to purchase the same one in black because I loved it so.
What I love about this bag.....two side pockets for keys and cell phones.  It is also a great diaper bag.
 great color but strap idn't long enough
 I don't know where this is from, but I like it!
a little Saks number
 OH MY...this is really making my heart beat faster from Saks.
I really, really love this little one.
 this one is on the top of my list....great color.  AND it matches the little Tory bootie shoes that just made the cut 
 and so does this one.
 ut oh,,,,I feel an idea brewing....I'm thinking I could make this....
from we go!  another blog idea.  watch out.

 great little sack from Gap
 also from Gap

 I think this is Zara too! cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.....and a great $$$$
 but this is the winner!!!!  From J.Crew.  Hey, I just love that slouchy look this year!!!
I know you're goin,,,,ARE U KIDDING? Nope!  I just love this one!
but wait, I have to show you something I really want for Halloween!
(stolen from Slim's blog)
have a wonderful Sunday y'all
oh,,wait,,,just gotta throw this in for all my Auburn readers....
Can you say, "thank you refs for the early Christmas presents???"
Still, they played a great game.  Congrats!


  1. OMG!! I havenot even had my coffee yet, and somehow I think this just brainwashed me into spending my kid free day today looking for a new purse!!! Hahahaha! By the time I hit the last pic, I had already mentally gone through my purses and outfits wondering what I need to fill it all out! Thx for sharing lady! :-)

  2. By the way, twisterest is me ( April Tucker ) if you see it :-)

  3. I LOVE the J Crew one--- I have a bag similiar to that from the Gap from 100 years ago-- just slouchy, but I love it-- and the first Antrhoplogie is great, I'm going to look for it now!!!

    Love the shoes lined up-- we had all the family to Hotel D'ville once and my aunt commented-- "look at the cars in the driveway (there were about 10) can tell there is alot of love this house".....I think your shoes show the same thing.

  4. I don't even carry a purse and those made me want one!! lol

  5. You do love purses! Love the pic of the company shoes lined up. Lovely to hear from you on FB.