Friday, October 22, 2010

I Wanna Go to France

Yep....I do.
I was talkin to a friend the other day who said they wanna go to France.
I do too.  BOO HOO
in a BIG WAY!
I need to get away and drink a beautiful French Bordeaux
taste it's succulent fruit against my lips.
I wanna get away
I wanna do all the things you do, like go to the Louvre and rent headphones for the "headphone tour" and relish in the beauty of the art.
...and see "her", amazingly small but incredibly beautiful
what's her name again???? She's lookin right at me, I know she is.  Wait, I moved.....she's STILL lookin at me....
I wanna go to France.....go here to the quaint little Montmartre.  Oh and study all of the street art....maybe buy a piece or two.
I wanna stay at the Champs Elysees Plaza and let them look at me weird when I ask them to heat up my croissant so that the Parisian butter can drip off and I can be a total "redneck" and scrape my plate with the remains.
I wanna go to France....
I wanna travel to Marselle and be captured in it's beauty.
I wanna do all the "touristy" things like visit the Eiffel Tower
and take many, many pictures standing in front
and if it's snowing it's even better.....snuggling up in the snow falling gently on my head
I want to see the Arc de Triomphe
and reminisce about when I made helped Gregory make a replica out of Styrofoam for a History project.
His was the best EVER
seriously, let me "digress" again,,,,his was really the best you've ever seen
I wanna go to France
and take a romantic boat trip down the Seine River
you know,,, with a little Parisian man paddling the boat
I wanna go to France.


  1. I'm right there with you on this. I got to spend a week in Paris before I got pregnant with Hudson---it was bliss---and the Bordeaux? Oh my heart-- it was divine--

  2. Hi Kendall,
    I cannot believe you wrote about this today because I just returned from a crazy, once in a lifetime, 3.5 day girls trip to Paris! It was fantastic. We saw it all - walked 27 miles in 3 days, took almost 400 pictures, ate and drank wine every 3 hours and laughed the whole time! You should most certainly just go - even if it is for a quick trip. I have been many times and say Paris is a drug for me - I just need a little fix! However - you should wait a few months. The striking and the fuel shortages and transportation issues were not fun and certainly made us happy to be Americans!
    Hope all is well! I will try to stop by and see you in a few weeks at GAC.
    All the best, Lauren Garner

  3. Thought I would share some photos from our trip!

  4. thank you Lauren!!! Those are wonderful!!!!....Hope to see you at GAC!!!