Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Sitting here in a hospital room is really weird.  I mean, ya know, how can you get tired by just sitting?  But it is exhausting.
Just a little update on mom.  She definitely has MRSA.  When everyone comes in they "suit up" in all kinds of gear.  Kim and me?  nothin.  We've cleaned up more bodily liquids than you can imagine.  I guess if we get it,,,,,we get it.  But just to put your mind at ease, we have no open wounds and we're not allowing the babies up here.
Mom had a really rough night last night.  Before she went to bed that is. (she slept great) I guess she was just in so much pain from the physical therapy that she was in agony when it set in.  Remember how I said she never complains? well scratch that.  She did, in a big way.  And I don't blame her AT ALL.  She hurt.  I rubbed her hair like I use to rub my babies and just said a soothing shuuuuuuuu.  And you know what? It helped!  I guess I have come full circle huh?  Like my children, she is a such blessing in my life.
Anyway, since there's not much to do here in the hospital but sit and watch my butt grow,
 I decided to do a little internet shopping for a few of my favorite things.
Ya wanna see what I found?
First of all, I LOVE coats...and capes! I am a coat and cape hog.
I just purchased this little dream from Anthro
Now I'm trying to decide between the rest of these.  Oh be still my coat/cape lovin heart!!!
This one is my Number one fave....from Niemans if you're interested..(W are you reading???)
great color.  I think I would wear this a lot.  From Anthro
this one is on the top of my list....I think this is Niemans
and this one,,,,but I think It'll blow my budget....Ralph Lauren top shelf label
plus, I think you need to have a house in Sun Valley (Slim Paley) if you wear this.
oh, check out her blog....I'm such a stalker fan
or should I go with a Burberry staple?
very classy from Anthro but looks a little too dressy for me...the slouch
I think this is too dressy as well
another great staple from Niemans
Oh, did I mention I love scarves too????
this is a must have!
I'll blog about shoes tomorrow!


  1. Get the Burberry Staple, Neimans Staple, and tan Anthro coat!!! Plus the scarf!!! Heck, You deserve it. Just get it all!!!! :) I hope you're having a better day today!

  2. I'll take the black cape/coat from Neimans :)!!

  3. Love the one you've already ordered! I vote for the Burberry, the one Jordan likes and the camel one from Anthro above it-- look at J. Crew too-- my favorite coat of all time was their lady coat-- she lives in my closet now...

  4. My vote would be the Anthro camel above the one Jordon likes. While your shopping, I need the perfect pair of Jeans, any tips? Would love to read and see your take on Jeans. Also handbags!!!