Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calling House, calling Dr. House!!!

Since I'm pretty sure my mom's doctors don't read my blog I'll just go ahead and say it....
"where are you Dr. House?"  "We need you"
where in the heck is this infection coming from?
There is no endocarditis thank goodness.
All indications are still that she has MRSA but we aren't 100% sure.  oh good grief. PLEASE let's just figure this out!
The hallucinations have gotten better.  Kim stayed the night with her but ended up coming home at 5:00 this morning because some poor lady was yelling "HELP" all night. 
and while I'm at it, (since I'm pretty sure that lady's family does not read my blog either)....
Where the heck IS her family.  Poor thing, I wanna go love on her some...and I might just do it.
They got mom up just now and moved her to a chair.  Oh boy was that painful to watch.  But the AMAZING trooper that she is, she handled it as well as anyone could.  Even though I think I was in more pain watching her.  I just kept saying (until I got a dirty look) "mind over matter mom, mind over matter".
I caught her this morning trying to drink coffee by herself....NOT, last thing we need is a burn.
She was having a pity party and I said "go ahead, you deserve a party,,,,and I'll come to it!"
Anyway, thank you for reading, thinking of us, and praying for us.  It is wonderful having my computer here and just writing all of my thoughts down.  It means the world to all of us during this difficult time having you read and comment.  I personally am truly grateful.
Have a wonderful Tuesday y'all!


  1. When battling cancer with my husband I learned that medicine is certainly an art and not a science at all... I learned to research, research, research and the internet made my research much easier- so now I consider myself... Dr. Google-
    Just like House does- go to the drawing board- do the homework for the medical staff and ask every question that you can possible think of- let them know your mom is not a dart board - they keep throwing darts and ARE missing- maybe a second opinion is in order. I am thankful for doctors for sure but not when you witness the pain they continue to induce on a loved one.
    I'm glad to see you posted today- thanks for the update Ms. Amazing made it through yet another surgery- Super Trouper!!

    Dear God,
    Please continue to protect this wonderful woman- a mother, a grandmother, and Your very creation. Restore her health to perfection, renew her strength, complete her immune system, heal her sores, heal her hurt, and take away her pain. Fullfill her with the spirit to sustain her faith.
    In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  2. Amen, I continue to pray for you all!