Saturday, October 9, 2010

What day is it anyway?

I'm just gonna admit it....Where am I and what am I doing here?
That's how I feel!
The past 3 days are like a blur.  I have sat my sorry butt in the hospital room almost round the clock. (not that it needs to expand any more than it already is...hum)  I've slept in a chair for two nights straight.  Right now I'm getting a reprieve.  Kim is there and my brother will take over for her.
Right now at 10:51a.m. I'm lying in my sister's bed and decided to do what I love to do (which I wish I was better at)....write.
and watch football
Let me digress....
Mom is doing as well as expected.  She took the news pretty well that she doesn't have a hip.  The first night she slept great, doped up on morphine.  Last night was terrible.  She didn't sleep AT ALL.  Which meant I didn't sleep AT ALL. I wish they had given ME the concoction of drugs they gave her to sleep, because they worked in the opposite direction on mom. She can be SO funny sometimes!  She asked me if "our wonderful nurse Tracey" "invited" us there (to the hospital)!  I wish that were the case!  haha.  Ya know, I'm not really that tired.  I know it's gonna hit me though like a Mac Truck.
Today was a little emotional again.  They had to wash her up and change her linens.  WELL, I've never seen my mom cry over pain but she sobbed like a baby.  It was heartbreaking.
They still haven't exactly isolated the infection but every indication is that it's MRSA.  Bad news there.  She is in limited isolation. ughhhhhhh!  Add one more thing to the mix.  IV antibiotics for 6 weeks.
Very worrisome.
It sucks getting old dudn't it?
Anyway, thank you so much for your continued prayers here, on FB and the phone calls.  Please forgive me if I don't answer or get back with you right now.  I'm terrible with the phone.
I thought I'd show you some pics that I found!
Mom at 17

my family
Callen and mom in Paris

 Jordan and Eric's wedding
 Callen's graduation
 J's wedding again Paris again!

 Mom and Lil B
 In London

 Mom and Evey
 not sure how old she is here!
 she was a Valentine queen!
 and finally......aren't we all just beautimus????
don't ya just love the glasses????
Have a wonderful day y'all!


  1. your mom is so beautiful!! I'm still praying for you, her, your family and everyone involved!!

  2. These were GREAT pictures!!! I love looking at PAST pictures:) and also recent ones...i just love pictures~! Thanks for sharing:)

  3. I adore these photos, Kendall. I wish I knew every person in every picture, because I know if they are a part of your family - I would love them! Sending prayers your way.