Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I have two things to talk about today....

First I want to say that I have great kids that have wonderful significant others.  They ALL pitch in and help...(sometimes I do have to get on to my own kids, but I think that's normal)
SO, I feel I am blessed beyond words with considerate kids and their considerate, significant, helpful others....
I was walking with a friend yesterday and my friend was talking about guests that come to her house and leave it a total mess when they leave.
Now, before I go any further let me note..I felt a little left out of the conversation because I rarely have that problem..I HAVE though had that happen before...however all of my company is usually VERY helpful.  Anyway, (on her behalf) I am going to give some of my young readers (and maybe some old) some VERY important "motherly" advice.
Enter.....the mother of all mothers (that's meant as a joke)

1.)  When you stay at someone's house, always offer to help cook and help with the dishes (that goes for the guys too) and you will usually get a "thank you I can do it answer"  It's just a nice gesture to at least offer to help.
2.)  Never, I mean never leave clothes strown all over the room.  (you never know when your host might want to show the house around)
3.)  Never leave wet towels on the floor.  Always hang them up.
4.)  Always offer to strip the beds and take the towels to the laundry room.  Notice offer is in bold.  (Usually your hosts will say no to that one).
5.)  Always throw your trash in the wastebasket and pick up the change that you leave on the dresser.
Now,,,,I know my friend (and I'm not going to name her) will be happy I repeated our conversation! :) (and you know who you are)
I really, really can't stress to young and old how important these things are when you visit someone's home.
What ever you do will leave a lasting impression - good or bad.

Next up....
I'm back at the hospital with mom.
OH MY....I walked in to a crying, pain ridden person.
Let me just tell you how heartbreaking it was to see.
I cried and stroked her beautiful grey hair and went back to my shuuuuuu thing.
Every time they move her it is just excruciating.  Oh I just feel so sorry for this sweet little pain induced person sleeping trying to sleep in the bed beside me.
I feel like we are taking one step forward and 10 steps back.  Geez!
and....I love her so.
Please continue to keep her in your prayers.
Thank you so much for your many wonderful thoughts and messages.
I really, really appreciate all of them


  1. It brings tears to my eyes, just reading this. Your sweet little momma. Praying extra hard for pain relief and healing.

  2. Very Good Advise K-bomb...My mother told me when I left a persons home to leave it cleaner than when i arrived....SO..I KNOW YOU ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT ME.....Sure hope your mom gets relief from all her pain soon....

  3. I will pray for relief and healing. I have spent the past two days at the bedside of my mother telling her how much I love her. She passed away early this morning and finally is at peace after many years of suffering. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

  4. I agree with your post on so many levels...but most especially the part about how great your kids are and how they all have awesome significant others. And great advice/reminders for all guests. Continuing to pray for your sweet mom. I've started believing, like never before, that God really can perform supernatural healing - it's not just miracles that Jesus performed while He was walking the earth. I'm believing that for you and your family and proclaiming it over her. Praying for YOU as well, Mrs. Boggs. You are such an example of grace and service...love you much!!!

  5. hey mom, remember that time you and dad came and stayed at my house and decided to leave it a complete wreck.... haha i'm just sayin....
    and just kidding, kind of.

  6. I don't know who posted "anonymous" but please know that my heart so goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for praying for my family. Thank you all.

  7. oh Callen,,,,we were just paying you back! hahaha! just kiddin. I'm goin to bed....See you today sometime??? I love you :)

  8. Sending prayers your way - hope your mother finds comfort. I know what it's like to have a mom going through such a terrible time - very difficult to handle. I can't imagine being a guest in someone's home and leaving it a mess - your poor friend. Perhaps she should direct her guests to your blog. :)